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Motor News

  • Traffic cops in 12% cuts

    Traffic police numbers across Britain have been cut by 12 per cent in five years, with some forces suffering 30-40 per cent reductions and the largest cuts...

  • A car owner's guide to what's new for 62

    While the change of registration no longer provides the big sales kick it used to, the summer change is still a great time for car makers to introduce new...

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  • Contact us

    Contact our motors team to discuss how advertising with Herts & Essex Motors can boost your business. For Harlow Star, Mercury and Observer call...

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    New reg '12 plate

    MARCH - NEW REGISTRATION SEASON While the change of registration no longer provides the big sales kick it used to, the March change is still a great time for...

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    Everyone can DIG-S the new 95g/km Micra

    NISSAN has announced a new super-frugal variant of the latest Micra called DIG-S. Boasting a 95g/km CO2 rating, it's one of the lowest-emitting petrol models...

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    Don't run your car on fumes!

    AN increasing number of drivers are "running on empty" due to high petrol and diesel costs. Breakdown service Green Flag reported a 40 per cent increase in its...

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    Anyone for Ti?

    THE new registration plate is due on March 1 and car makers are producing some spectacular models and offers to whet your appetite. First up is Honda with the...

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    LPG saves on fuel costs

    MAZDA has seen an increase in Mazda6 sales to UK fleets who intend to convert the car to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with the expectation of lots more orders...

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    More 'Approved' green cars

    SINCE the launch of the Next Green Car Approved list in November, the number of searches and views for Approved models has increased by a significant 28 per...

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    Kia extends Rio, Picanto savings

    KIA has extended its popular seven year switch programme and upped the savings by £500 on selected models to £2,000. For customers with a seven year...

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    Kylie gets Lexical

    ELEGANT, contemporary and chic: you might choose the same words to describe both Kylie and the new Lexus CT 200h. Lexus' new partnership with the global...