Published: 18/07/2011 13:54 - Updated: 18/07/2011 14:49

Family spot UFO over Sawbridgeworth

By Web Reporter

A FAMILY claim they had a close encounter in Sawbridgeworth.

The husband and wife, who do not wish to be named, were driving home at about midnight on Saturday (July 16) with their 16-year-old son when they spotted three mysterious glowing orbs floating in the night sky.

The woman said: “We were driving along Lower Sheering Road when we saw two completely spherical orange lights very low in the sky and a third one across the way.

“We pulled into the lay-by because we thought ‘What the hell is that?’. We got out the car and I was expecting some sort of noise but it was completely, eerily silent.

“They were hovering and then two of them went into each other to make one, single light. The one on its own then went off at speed up into the clouds and disappeared and then the other one followed. We couldn’t believe what we’d just seen – it’s unexplainable.”

A search on a UFO website reported similar sightings in the town as well as Bishop’s Stortford, Hatfield Broad Oak and Old Harlow in the past month.

“There’s been hundreds of sightings exactly the same as ours,” the woman said. “It was quite beautiful really and strangely calming the way there were moving in synchronicity.”

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